What are the challenges delivering service design in the public sector?

Ben Reason the Founder and Director of Livework spoke to us about the challenges they have faced providing service design in the public sector.

“I’ve found that designing services in the public sector is more complex than the private sector. You have to design over very complex big services.”

“We categorise service design as having impact in three main areas; Business impact, customer experience and organisation capabilities.”

“One challenge around customer experience is how do you really understand service users?”

“How do you translate that into something that also has an impact?”

“If you have a design, how do you get people excited about it?”

Understanding service users

“If you are designing careers and guidance services, do you really understand what the users need, what language they speak and how they are going to access those services?”

“You need a frame work to create a holistic view. With everything we do we make sure we think about what happens, before, during and after these services.”

Co-designing services 

“It’s important that design work is done by a group of people that can bring different levels of insight.”

“It’s important that it’s structured and doesn’t feel like it’s separate from their day job.”

“Something that really has a fantastic impact on bringing people together is having a big idea of what you’re trying to achieve.”

You can download a copy of Ben’s slides. You can also watch the videos of all the speakers from the SPIDER conference over on our SPIDER conference VIMEO group.

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