Building Capacity for Service Design within<br /> Public Services

Building Capacity for Service Design within
Public Services

Our aim is to train over 500 civil servants across NW Europe by September 2015.

Ensuring that government staff have the right skills and understanding of how service design can be used to generate
and develop new ideas is a crucial element of The SPIDER Project. This will be achieved through the delivery of service
design workshops in Belguim, France, Ireland and Wales.

Why are we doing this?
In 2009, the European Commission’s public consultation on ‘design as a driver of user-centred innovation’ asked
respondents about the most serious barriers to the better use of design in Europe. The most significant obstacle was
considered the ‘lack of awareness and understanding of the potential of design among policy-makers’ (78%). By raising
awareness of design-led innovation for public services, SPIDER will create demand for design projects within the public sector.

Design-led innovation is a relatively new approach for many public authorities so SPIDER will develop an evidence base
using the results of the pilots to raise credibility and demand for service design for public service innovation.

SPIDER will disseminate best practice and project outputs to different levels of governance including senior
decision-makers (ministers, senior civil servants), programme managers and delivery staff.

Impact of this work package

Impact of this work package


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Public Services'