Demonstration Projects

Each SPIDER project will focus on three core challenges faced by all public authorities. These will run in parallel and take place over 10 months with partners working together in one region before transferring to the second.

In each project prior experience will be shared, impact increased in each and best practice transferred. Resulting in an approach that can be scaled across Europe.

The three projects will also benefit from a training programme that will provide practical workshops for service managers in design-led service innovation. This will enable staff to replicate the process and methods used by SPIDER across each organisation.


Driving an active youth workforce
Across NW Europe the number of young people not in employment is increasing at a time when an active youth workforce is most needed to support the ageing population. In Western Europe, 1 in 4 people aged 17 to 42 are unemployed.

The SPIDER project will aim to use design to reduce the number of young people not in employment by designing and re-designing services that better preparing young people for the professional work environment and increase the uptake of jobs, work experience and apprenticeships.



Extending independent living for older people
According to Eurostat, pensions, health and long-term care for the elderly cost an average of 27% of GDP for EU Member States. Eurostat projections indicate that by 2050 the EU will have lost 48 million people of working age (16 to 64) and will have gained 58 million pensioners (65 and over).

The SPIDER project will use design to create innovative new solutions that reduce the cost of the ageing population on local authorities and design services that enable older people to live independently for longer.



Cultural change within public authorities
With severe government cuts and increased demand, public authorities must change to become more progressive, innovative and user driven.

The objective of this project is to encourage and support public authorities to tackle specific internal challenges using service design so that they build capacity within the organisation to use creative and innovative processes in the future.




Building capacity for service design within public services
Ensuring that government staff have the right skills and understanding of how service design can be used to generate and develop new ideas is a crucial element of The SPIDER Project.

This will be achieved through the delivery of service design workshops in Belguim, France, Ireland and Wales.