Transnational Working

SPIDER aims to get different regions from North West Europe working together, using service design and solving some of the tough challenges currently faced by public services.

The strategy for achieving this is based on a group of partners from different regions delivering a set of projects (work packages) that each focus on a particular theme. The projects are; Driving an active youth workforce, Independent living for older people, Culture change in public services and Building sustainable capacity for innovation.

Within these projects one partner will take a lead for each theme, as the project progresses this partner will share their experience with the rest of the partnership, inviting them to workshops events and research visits during phase one. Typically this is the partner with most experience in service design and will guide the others through the service design process.

How The SPIDER Project is organised;
WP table_web

The lead for each work package is as follows; (phase two partners in brackets)

WP1: Cardiff Metropolitan University (Geel, Partas, Cardiff City Council)
WP2: Border, Midland And Western Regional Assembly (Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff City Council & Maaslands Huis)
WP3: Seine Maritime (Geel)
WP4: Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (Cardiff Metropolitan University, Seine Maritime, Border, Midland And Western Regional Assembly, Design Flanders)

Once phase one is complete, phase two will begin and the other partners will follow the process used by the lead within their own region. Again, sharing their progress through organised events, steering group meetings and study visits.

By adopting this transnational approach, SPIDER will result in a partnership of organisations with experience of applying service design within public authorities on a large scale as well as delivering a number of co-produced outputs from that will benefit public authorities, public service managers and citizens.

Contact SPIDER
We are always interested in building connections with other projects, organisations and regions. If you represent another European Project or government organisation and would like to learn more about SPIDER we would love to hear from you: info@localhost.