Thinking, Testing, Making: A Manifesto for Design

Ahead of the General Election in May, the Parliamentary Officers of the APDIG have launched a new manifesto warning that the next government must put design at its heart of its policies. 

‘Thinking, Making, Testing: A Manifesto for design’ is a report by the All-Party Parliamentary Design & Innovation Group that makes the case that design should be at the forefront of Government policy.

The Manifesto has been written by  architect Lord Richard Rogers, Caroline Dinenage MP, Barry Sheerman MP and Baroness Whitaker on behalf of the All-Party Parliamentary Design & Innovation Group. It makes the case for adopting a ‘design approach’ to public policy formation, utilising design’s natural focus on solving complex problems creatively, understanding user needs, utilising data and prototyping solutions effectively.

It calls for Government to implement the making and testing prototypes. Using prototypes can help governments test ideas in a much more cost effective way, it also enables them to identify any potential pitfalls in new policy ideas and services before they are rolled out on a larger scale.

Another recommendation in the report is that all civil servants should be trained in basic service design methods. It’s important that government staff have the right skills and understanding of how service design can be used to generate and develop new ideas and this is something that we have been tackling as part of the SPIDER project by running service design workshops for civil servants across Europe. 

You can find more information about ‘Thinking, Making, Testing: A Manifesto for design’ or read full report here

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