Stadsbestuur Geel

Stadsbestuur Geel (Geel City Council) is situated in the city of Geel, in province of Antwerp within the Flanders region of Belgium. The city lies 40 km east of Antwerp and has a current population of over 38,000 inhabitants, it has a dense city centre that consists of 4 boroughs and is surround by 8 more smaller boroughs.

Over the past decade Geel has rapidly outgrown its small town image into a medium sized city with a growth rate of 9%.

Geel is widely known for its Family Care System in the treatment of psychiatric patients. Instead of treating patients in a hospital they are placed in foster families. This family care system had defined the identity of Geel.

More than 25 schools with a total number of 12,513 students make Geel the regional centre of education. The Geel campus of the Thomas More university college has over 4,200 students.

Geel is also home to over 3,000 traders ranging from one man businesses to international companies like Janssen Pharmaceutics, BP Chembel, Genzyme and Kuehne+Nagel. Geel has a strong attraction for companies due to its favourable location on a crossroads of motor and water ways right in between Antwerp and the axis Hasselt-Liege.

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SPIDER Projects
Stadsbestuur Geel will undertake two projects through SPIDER, around the following challenges;

Culture_2Cultural change within public authorities
In 2013 the team will work on a cultural change project within Stadsbestuur Geel. For a couple years now, two branches of the local authority are working together ever closer. Integrating further implies uniting two different work cultures. On the other hand citizens expect unified and user-centred services. In this project we want to achieve just that on a multi channel basis.

Through this project the team will be working with the two organisations concerned but also with groups of citizens, local businesses and industry.


Youth_2Driving an active youth workforce

In 2014 the aim is something else all together. In the other pilot we want to activate disadvantaged young people. Young people who can’t be reached through the classic channels of youth activities and movements. Furthermore we want to get them acquainted in a positive way with social institutions, like local government, police, educational and labour services.

Through this project the team will work with disadvantaged young people and their parents, schools, youth workers and labour services.


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geel service design

Stadsbestuur Geel Service Design Project Update

At the last SPIDER partners meeting in Brussels in October 2013 Dominique Luxe from Stadsbestuur Geel introduced their regions need for their pilot projects and described the challenge of centralising social services from an operations perspective. Namahn and Yellow Window also detailed how they are evolving their��service design toolkit for public services to meet the SPIDER Project challenges.

Read the full project update from Geel here