Service Design Toolkit

We have created a toolkit to help you get started with service design.

The service design toolkit is a suite of tools aimed at public service managers working on innovation projects.

Through our work on The SPIDER project we have identified the service design tools that you need to facilitate and manage a service design project. These will support you right through from defining your challenges to delivering your new service design.

You can use the toolkit in two ways.

1: Service design process
We would recommend using the tools to help manage and facilitate the service design process.

Undertaking a full service design project can be a daunting prospect, often they involve multiple stakeholders, involving new approaches for staff and of course there are risks to this approach. To make this process easier to manage you should use the toolkit provided by SPIDER as you move through the project.

If you are new to service design we would also recommend speaking with us first, we can provide guidance and support for public organisations that want to use service design. Our project partners can help you to introduce the tools in the right way, facilitate the process and help you use the outcomes effectively.

2: Individual tools
If you’re experienced at using toolkits for facilitating co-design sessions the you might also choose to use individual tools for a specific activity on your project. Simply download the relevant PDF and print them out.

For example, you could make a planning session more interesting by using our DESIGN SCOPE tool, add structure to your ideas sessions using the LOTUS BLOSSOM tool or plan your user research using our PERSONAS tool.




Getting started

Help me use the tools
We realise that the tools alone aren’t enough for most people and to support you to use them within your work, come to one of our workshops organised by The SPIDER partners.

Alternatively email to discuss your project and needs. If you are a public sector organisation it is likely that we’ll be able to work with you.


Printing the tools
These tools are available as PDF downloads so you can print them yourself. This saves us money in production, and is better for the environment but also enables you to pick and choose what you want to use and when you want to do so.

Our advice is to print them big, collaborative working requires lots of space.

I know what I’m doing, let me get started


If you know what your doing then download the tools and start using them on your projects, simply download a zip file containing all of the tools here.