Service design that supports independent living for older people

Download three case studies from the SPIDER project that show how applying service design can improve independent living for older people. 


According to Eurostat, pensions, health and long-term care for the elderly cost an average of 27% of GDP for EU Member States (compared with 15% in US and 17% in Japan). Eurostat projections indicate that by 2050 the EU will have lost 48 million people of working age (16 to 64) and will have gained 58 million pensioners (65 and over).

This means that fewer workers will pay for more pensions and care. From four working people supporting each pensioner in 2004, this ratio will drop to one by 2050, posing a severe financing problem for existing social welfare systems.

This document examines three demonstration projects from SPIDER that have applied the service design process to the challenge of independent living for older people.

Download a copy of the case studies.

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