Service design for youth services

Download three case studies from the SPIDER project that show how applying service design can improve outcomes for young people.


Across NW Europe the number of young people not in employment is increasing. At a time when an active youth workforce is most needed to support the ageing population one in four people aged 17 to 42 are unemployed. In Wales, Belgium and Ireland youth unemployment has risen dramatically in recent years; with almost twice as many people in this age group claiming unemployment benefit than in 2008.

This document describes three demonstration projects from SPIDER that show how applying a service design methodology to the design of youth services can improve outcomes for young people. For example, in Ireland Partas have built their own capacity for service design and have trained other social enterprises and organisations within the city. In Cardiff the City Council have designed a new process for engaging the hardest to reach NEET’s and in Geel the City Council are implementing a new technology solution, first developed in Cardiff by PDR.

Download a copy of the case studies.

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