Rethinking how we care for older people

The BBC recently broadcast a programme examining whether we need to change our approach to how we care for older people.

Photo: BBC

Photo: BBC

The documentary by Sonia Sodha looks new thinking and innovation from Japan, the US about how care might be delivered differently and considers whether we need to change our thinking around care for the elderly.

Care for older people is becoming more complex. Increasing numbers of older people needing care have dementia and often don’t realise that they are in care, to them they are in a strange place where they are confronted by perplexing behaviour this can often be extremely distressing for them.

The documentary explored a number innovative new ways to care for elderly people such as the way Japan has changed funding and resources for Elderly care and the GREEN HOUSE Project in the US. The GREEN HOUSE Project offers a model for long-term care designed to look and feel like a real home.

This documentary is particular relevant to the work we are doing on the SPIDER project for Work package 2. Designing innovative solutions will reduce the cost of the ageing population on local authorities and enable older people to live independently for longer.

If you’re in the UK you can listen back to ‘Caring in the new old age’ on iplayer.

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