Service Design Toolkit


A toolkit for the design of public

This toolkit is an introduction to the methods and tools used by service designers. With a simple step-by-step guide it offers a practical do-it-yourself guide.

This toolkit on service design is the outcome of a partnership between two design firms and Design Flanders.


Case Studies

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Service design is a powerful process that is transforming how governments, industry and organisations engage their users in the innovation process.

We have selected a number of case studies that illustrate the variety and impact that service design can have on a range of services.


Evaluation Model

SPIDER EvaluationModel

A key output from the SPIDER Project is an evaluation model for service design projects.

The SPIDER partnership is co-designing an evaluation model that will be used to evaluate the impact on each of the projects undertaken through SPIDER.

A public version of this model will be made available in Spring 2015 for use on service design projects in the public sector.