Pointr is now live!

The beta version of Pointr is live and running in Cardiff.


Pointr.wales is now live

Pointr is a new service designed by PDR in partnership with The City of Cardiff Council, that helps young people find and access local services quicker and more effectively.

There are more than one million young people unemployed in the UK, each costing the government an estimated £153 per week.

As well as being demoralising for a young person, every person not in employment, education or training is a huge cost to public finances. By making it easier for young people to access the services that are relevant to them it could not only have a huge impact on young peoples lives but also result in a significant savings for Government.

Our research told us that services for young people are often fragmented with national and local government spending significant amounts of money on services for young people.

But there’s a disconnect, with many young people are unaware of what’s available to them. In many cases the confusing messages created by this complex system are often pushing young people away from initiatives designed to support them. PDR set out to design a solution to this.

Pointr doesn’t include a blurb about an entire organisation, just the relevant services they offer and the details and relevant benefits of that service to them.

Pointr also ensures that the services are presented and explained to the young people in simple terms that get right to the point of why that service meets their needs.

At present, Pointr is in beta stage and running in Cardiff and we are in the process of expanding Pointr to work in Belguim. To find out more about Pointr you can visit www.pointr.wales

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