What challenges are local authorities facing around public services?

Phil Bale Leader of Cardiff Council gives his view on the challenges public services are facing in local authorities and how they have tackled these challenges in Cardiff.

Challenges in Cardiff

“How can we redesign public services to meet the current challenges that we face?”

“We have two big challenges in Cardiff, not just the challenges of austerity but also the challenge of growth.”

“Cardiff is the fastest growing city in the UK. It is predicted to grow by over a quarter in the next 15 – 20 years.”

“This growth is coming at a time of unprecedented austerity for the city council.  So we’ve got more demand, less money and some very complex problems to solve.”

Innovating public services

“Public services at every level have now have little choice but to innovate. We need to be creative and have the courage to experiment with new ideas.”

“Our view in Cardiff is that no single person or organisation has a monopoly on good ideas. We need to challenge how we have provided services in the past.”

“We need to learn from best practice internationally and apply this to local services in Cardiff”

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