PDR to give keynote presentation at Service Design Global Conference next Month

PDR will give a keynote presentation on Service Design Policy Trends 2015-2020 at the 8th Service Design Global Conference in New York in October.

pdr sdngc

Anna Whicher (Head of Design Policy) and Paul Thurston (Head of Service Design) will be keynote speakers at the forthcoming 8th Service Design Global Conference, in New York. This event is the largest annual gathering of service design professionals and it provides PDR with a unique opportunity to engage and contribute to this evolving field on a global level.

Their talk will focus on ‘Service Design Policy Trends’ and they will share their experiences in integrating design into policy, the trends for 2020 and what this means for designers, businesses and governments.

They will also be demonstrating the benefits of the Sharing Experience Europe (SEE) platform to innovation as the number of European countries that recognise service design as a valid approach is increasing.

You can find out more about the Service Design Global Conference over on their website.

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