Making the case for design in the public sector

Arren Roberts & Simon Penny from ip&e spoke about the work they have been doing at Shropshire Council and the case for design in the public sector.

“Over the years the public sector hasn’t so much evolved as perhaps mutated. I think that is something that design can probably go some way to addressing by enabling the public sector to look at different ways of tackling their challenges, rather than reconfiguring the systems they have already got.”

“We recognise that there are challenges with the public sector around understanding what design is about, and engaging with designers.”

Why design?

“We can personalise our lives in a range of different ways”

“People have moved away from having things delivered to them and everyone likes choice.”

“The public sector it’s so big and bureaucratic it is difficult to change. I think we need to affect a change.”

“If it’s good enough for our home goods, cars, airports and hotels then surely we should be putting design thinking into the really important things like social care.”

Designing better services at Shropshire Council

“Shropshire council were very poor at involving it’s customers at any sort of business improvement activity. I was really keen to move the council from the position of  thinking it knew about its customers to really understanding its customers.”

“We really needed to prove that design thinking worked, that you could create new services within the local authority.”

“People are starting to look at services like this, and are thinking we can do things differently.”

“We knew we had to try and take service design from serving a very lucky few to serving an entire population.”

“Ip&e will be a platform to develop services that really respond to what businesses, communities, and people really need.”

You can download a copy of Arren & Simon’s slides. You can also watch the videos of all the speakers from the SPIDER conference over on our SPIDER conference VIMEO group.

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