Innovation Labs in the public sector

Adam Price and Bas Leurs from Nesta spoke about innovation labs and innovation culture within the public sector.

What is an innovation lab?

“Innovation labs are ways of integrating cultures.They bring different perspectives together to create new ideas.”

“Generating solutions to these big challenges we are facing.”

“Creating a safe space to experiment.”

“One of the advantages of innovation labs is that there is some degree of slack, you are able to propose new challenges and reframe the problem.”

Innovation culture within the public sector

“What is happening in government innovation labs is the prototyping of new ideas and the trialling and testing of them in real environments.”

“The nature of design is question things.”

“The added value of design is being able to create a common language and understanding.”

“To innovate you need to take a step into uncharted territory”

“The real benefit of the innovation lab is changing the culture and getting others to understand the methodologies and how they can apply them to their own work.”

You can download a copy of Adam and Baz’s slides. You can also watch the videos of all the speakers from the SPIDER conference over on our SPIDER conference VIMEO group.


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