Innovation and strategic partnerships at MacMillan

Marianne Guldbrandsen and Christina Kinnear shared their experience on how they are approaching innovation and strategic partnerships at MacMillan.

Embedding an innovation process

“After becoming aware of what service design was doing within healthcare, and how it could focus projects around users and user centric needs, Macmillan decided it wanted to establish a team that could focus on this.”

“We’re looking to develop and embed an innovation process within the organisation.”

“Innovation is a structured process to get from an idea to an implemented solution.”

“What is the difference between something incremental and something radical? Very often we think that radical innovation is the only way to get there, but often incremental innovation can be more effective.”

“Half of the process is understanding your problem.”

“Prototyping helps you get to proof of concept without having spent an enormous amount of money.”

“We have spent quite a lot of time trying to understand how digital was working, or how marketing was working so we could create a one integrated process.”

“Really get to know your organisation. I think that can’t be said enough. All good design starts with insight, so listen, observe and find out whats being valued in the organisation.”

You can download a copy of Marianne and Christina’s slides. You can also watch the videos of all the speakers from the SPIDER conference over on our SPIDER conference VIMEO group.

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