How to motivate your staff to innovate

In Nesta’s latest blog post Jo Casebourne, Director, Public and Social Innovation, gave 5 tips for public sector managers on how to motivate your staff to innovate. 

1. Change what you look for when recruiting

“Managers should look for those driven by the desire to make a difference when recruiting. We need to recruit people who can see things from the point of view of others, who have strong communication skills and are particularly good at listening, and are good at mobilising others and organising coalitions for change.”

2. Tackle the fear of failure

“A fear of failure can quash innovation in the public sector. Leaders need to take responsibility for failure so that employees feel safe to experiment and take (the right kind of) risks.”

3. Empower employees

“Empowering frontline staff to exercise their judgement, giving them skills and resources to get the job done and holding them accountable for results, leads to employees working harder and trying to improve their performance by seeking out new and better ways of doing things.”

4. Connect staff with beneficiaries

“People need actual exposure to the human beings affected by their contributions – this increases both performance and innovation in the public sector. More opportunities need to be given to connect staff with beneficiaries.”

5. Reward innovation

“Staff successes need to be recognised, even in project failures. People need to see the benefits of taking a risk and innovating.”

You can read the full article by Jo Casebourne over on Nesta’s website:

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