Digital social care and transformation in Government

Dominic Campbell from FutureGov spoke at our conference on digital social care and radical transformation in Government.

Creating better public services

“Everything we do is driven by what we learnt from our experience in local Government.”

“We should not be excluding people from the business of public services whether designing it or delivering it”

“W’ere trying to bring the opportunities of digital and design into government to prove that things can be different.”

“It should be no different using government services than anything else”

“Pretty much everything involves technology and digital technology these days”

“There is an opportunity for us to work with old technologies by building a better user experience around them.”

“I want to get away from this belief that public services should just accept whatever they get, that we get what the private sector tried and failed with 10 years later. What we want is for public services to be the best, to be the shining beacon of all sectors.”

“For much of the way public services are delivered, if we are truly going to drive massive efficiencies the only way to do it is to look at public value, what problems are we trying to solve, what is government good at and how do we make those bits efficient.”

“Design enables us to think aspirationally, to understand, and it gives us a way out of accepting what we are given.”

Re-designing care services 

“We wanted to make finding care as easy as finding a holiday.”

 “People want to find care, they want to choose their care, they want to get their care and they want to manage their care. Those are four fairly obvious and straight forward ambitions, but for some reason we create this fragmented system that isn’t that easy for people.”

“People want to find a way to self assess and they want to do it in an easy way, to find out if they are eligible for any money from the council, so we built them something that enables them to do that. It was driven by insight, design research and understanding.”

What is the Governments role?

“What is the role of Government in this? How is it different than before and how does digital enable everybody to participate in Government? How does government change your role from service deliver to community organiser?”

“Whether you’re inside Government or outside Government the world cannot wait for us to move fast enough. We have to start moving a hell of faster. Just go and do it would be my advice.”

You can download a copy of Dominic’s slides. You can also watch the videos of all the speakers from the SPIDER conference over on our SPIDER conference VIMEO group.

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