Design Flanders

Design Flanders is part of Enterprise Flanders, an agency of the Flemish Regional Government, under the authority of the Flemish Minister-President and the Minister of Economy. Design Flanders promotes design as a management instrument for companies and the public sector. By means of workshops and contact days, its helps them to incorporate design management in their strategy.

Service design and social design are important tools to improve and innovate the public services.
Already several years Design Flanders has been collaborating with the VVSG (Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities) to introduce service design methods in the 308 Flemish cities and municipalities. They organized already a few years workshops and Meet & Greet Days to disseminate the ‘Service Design Toolkit”, especially created to help the local authorities to incorporate design in their strategies. This toolkit and these training workshops for local policy makers will form the basis of the service design process and this training will be improved and made transferrable across the different regions after being tested and further refined.

During the SPIDER project Design Flanders will assist Maaslands Huis (local social housing) and the city of Geel in their service design process. First, Design Flanders will organize the selection of the appropriate service designers by a qualitative tender. The jury will consist of members of Design Flanders, the City of Geel/ Maasland Huis, and the VVSG. Design Flanders will contract the selected designers and follow up the quality of the service design process. They will communicate their experiences to all the partners. During the project, Design Flanders will also organize a partner meeting in Brussels.

Design Flanders also has good links with Flanders’ Care. Flanders’ Care was created in 2009 by the Flemish Government as a formal policy initiative. The mission of Flanders’ Care is to measurably improve the quality of care through innovation and responsible entrepreneurship. Maximal use is made of existing policy instruments and synergies between public bodies are sought in order to address the demographic challenges also Flanders is faced with. Flanders’ Care aims to stimulate the development and implementation of innovative breakthrough solutions in care which generate maximal societal and economic added value.

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