‘Daring with Services’ public service innovation conference

On October 15th 500 politicians and local government staff will attend ‘Daring with Services’ in Ghent to learn more about public service innovation.

vvsg conference

VVSG and Design Flanders have organised a high-profile conference on innovation in public services that will bring over 500 politicians and local government staff to Ghent on the 15th October.

Dominic Campbell director of Future Gov is one of the keynote speakers who will deliver a talk on “Radically transforming public services in a user friendly way”.

There will also be a number of interactive sessions looking at the approach and impact that service design can have including testing the service design toolkit and looking at how we can digitize services in a well thought out and effective manner.

There are over 400 participants already registered so book your tickets before they are all gone. You can find the full programme and book your tickets here. (Only available in Dutch).

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