WP1: Youth Unemployment


Service design for youth services

Download three case studies from the SPIDER project that show how applying service design can improve outcomes for young people.

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Pointr is now live!

Helping young people find work and employment faster. Pointr.wales is now live in Cardiff.

Spider Youth2

Listening to young unemployed people in Dublin

Partas has been doing an enormous amount of listening to unemployed youth. What they heard were exasperated, frustrated and almost despairing youths who just wanted a job and felt it was their entitlement.

estyn lunch & learn for website

Lunch & Learn: Engaging ‘hard to reach’ groups

The next talk in the series is from, Estyn Jones, Insight and Innovation Manager at Cricket Wales.

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Innovation Labs in the public sector

Adam Price and Bas Leurs from Nesta spoke about innovation labs and innovation culture within the public sector

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Innovation and strategic partnerships at MacMillan

Marianne Guldbrandsen and Christina Kinnear shared their experience on how they are approaching innovation and strategic partnerships at MacMillan.

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Making the case for design in the public sector

Arren Roberts & Simon Penny spoke about the work they have been doing at Shropshire Council and the case for design in the public sector.

ben reason website

What are the challenges delivering service design in the public sector?

Ben Reason the Founder and Director of Livework spoke to us about the challenges they have faced providing service design in both the public and private sector.

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Transforming the Goverment’s digital services

Amy Whitney and Louise Downe share their experiences working on gov.uk and how they are transforming Government services.

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Bringing new policy techniques to Government

Andrea Siodmok the Deputy Director of Policy lab spoke at our conference about the work Policy Lab are doing around design-led innovation.