WP2: Independent Living For Older People

Trip Advisor for carers

A pilot study on the Dementia Enablement Service will take place next year

PDR are currently looking to hear from service users and carers who might be interested in participating in the pilot study.


Service design that supports independent living for older people

Download three case studies from the SPIDER project that show how applying service design can improve independent living for older people.

Trip Advisor for carers

Welsh Government to invest £42,000 in Dementia Enablement Service

A £42,000 investment from Welsh Government will help PDR launch the ‘Dementia Enablement Service’ in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan in October 2015.

rondel house crop

Redesigning care services at Rondel House

This week we had a chance to present some of the designs we have been working on for redesigning services at Rondel House to the staff who work there.


Q&A with our service designers in Ireland

Meet our service designers in Ireland. The Centre for Design Innovation will be speaking at our conference this June.


How can services be adapted to the changing needs of elderly?

What will living and caring look like in the future? Which services will be delivered, who will play a role in this and how can we collaborate?

Photo: BBC

Rethinking how we care for older people

The BBC recently broadcast ‘Caring in the new old age’ which examined whether we need to change our approach to how we care for older people.

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Taking part in Nexus’s carer involvement group

This week we had the chance to speak at Cavamh nexus’s carer involvement group in Penarth. The event is for people with dementia to come and discuss matters which affect them.

macmillan for website

Innovation and strategic partnerships at MacMillan

Marianne Guldbrandsen and Christina Kinnear shared their experience on how they are approaching innovation and strategic partnerships at MacMillan.

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Transforming the Goverment’s digital services

Amy Whitney and Louise Downe share their experiences working on gov.uk and how they are transforming Government services.