First the service, then the train in Thailand

Client: Ministry of Transport in Thailand
Design Agency: LiveWork
Project Partner: Thailand Creative Design Center
Location: Thailand

First the service, then the train

Transport systems are usually designed from an engineering perspective, with a focus on infrastructures and vehicles. As a result, the customer experience might lack consistency and seems to be fragmented. Service inefficiencies cause irritations to passengers and will cost time and money to fix. The Thai government commissioned the designers of Livework to prepare the service delivery for a future high-speed train, preventing expensive service repairs later on. Before putting the tracks on the ground, the Ministry of Transport in Thailand asked the designers to develop the vision for the high-speed train service to guide architects, engineers and policy-makers towards developing a customer-centered transport system. Together with the Thailand design center (TCDC), we created a clear foundation for the future service system – with a focus on the customer experience.

What did they do?

Developing a high-speed train service requires collaboration between a variety of people. From day one, different stakeholders were involved in the process of anticipating the future passenger experience – ensuring focus on the passenger instead of the train. The designers therefore organized a ‘hothouse’, to ensure everyone’s thinking would be aligned from the start. This collaborative approach, encouraged the person in charge to really take ownership and apply the ‘future passenger’ vision throughout the entire high-speed train development project.

Photo: LiveWork

Photo: LiveWork

Adopting a customer-centric mindset, asking ‘What should the future passengers experience be like?’, at such an early stage allowed architects and engineers to embrace the full customer experience – before, during and after the train journey. Meeting future users of the high-speed train service early on provided insight into their habits and routines. The early awareness of future passengers’ needs allows for the creation of stations, trains and commercial offers that are sustainable from a commercial and transport perspective.

What was the result?

Livework, in collaboration with the Thailand design centre (TCDC), developed a service vision for the future high-speed train in Thailand. By putting the customer [passenger] experience first, the Ministry of Transport is now a step ahead when designing a well-orchestrated transport system that ensures passengers will take the train, again and again.

The service design project for the high-speed train has made Thai senior government officials recognize the possibilities of applying service design in the early stages of major public works. The officials see how this approach can ensure greater success of large infrastructure investments in Thailand. Moreover, a service design approach might save the Thai government costs and it can potentially prevent delays and PR disasters that are the result of fixing the services after their physical and technical delivery.

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