Service Design for the Italian public transport company APAM Esercizio SPA

Client: APAM Esercizio SPA
Designer: Intersezioni
Location: Italy

Service Design for the Italian public transport company APAM Esercizio SPA

What was the problem?

Creative agency Intersezioni was asked by APAM Esercizio SPA, a public transport company serving the territory of Mantua and its province to redefine the company identity, the elaboration of a new brand and the creation of new service experiences. Existing customers are the citizens of Manuta town and its nearby area, yet mainly high school students 80%, primary school students, elderly people and people living and working in the area. The company CEO initially contacted Intersezioni to re-design their website. After several meetings the designers however understood that APAM didn’t have a clear understanding of their company values, their services and therefore weren’t able to communicate them properly to their final users.

What did they do?

The program involved the planning of a new company brand. For this project Intersezioni conducted an in-field research. They mapped out some customer journeys to understand how people purchase tickets in Mantua area, did observations in bus shelters and ticket offices, interviewed company key managers, and handed out questionnaires to the company employees to understand their personal perceptions of the company and of the APAM clients.

The analysis of all these information was summed into a master document presenting the problems, needs, insights and opportunities on where to start working on. Intersezioni also ran several co-design sessions to work on specific themes. The first one was about the new ticket system, in which the designers together with 6 key people regarding the marketing, shop manager and sales department thought about the re-configuration of the Urban and Province Tickets. The second theme was on the new timetable and info-graphics. For this, an extensive series of workshops was held to find the proper language for the infographics, converting the old method of time table into the new one, creating more comprehensible route maps, and connecting these maps and time tables to google transit. The third topic was the new website and social network strategy, on which several workshops were organized to define the needs of APAM on the web and the structure of the website architecture. This all created guidelines for content, and for the connection with social networks. Finally, in this project the designers worked in several workshops with the APAM marketing department, photographer, and graphic designer on a book about the employees.

The many co-design sessions allowed the designers to stimulate the employees to offer and share different solutions based on their personal know-how and to rediscover their motivation and attachment to their work and their company. 

What was the result?

The trajectory resulted in a coordinated image, new service configuration and communication, better bus lines communication, a new ticket emission system, new graphic design for the tickets, the integration of new maps and timetables, a new info-graphic system and structure of the bus stops, the refurbishment of the offices, new ticket offices, independent point of sales communication, a new concept for the web site and the internal communication related to the different departments and finally an internal book presenting the company structure and its people.

Also, next to APAM’s ‘core business’: the APAM urban service (8 lines) and the APAM province service (38 lines), and APAM’s ‘dedicated business’: the APAM school service (27 buses), Intersezioni was able to re-configure and restructure other business departments. For example, there now also is the APAM Travel service (for holidays and special trips), the APAM Taxibus service (for disadvantaged areas near the city of Mantua), the APAM arte-bus service (to provide a link between two Unesco cities in the area with a dedicated guide), the APAM cycling bus service (4 dedicated trailers holding a maximum of 40 bicycles each, for a bus line connecting Mantua to the Garda Lake) and the APAM summer bus service (from Mantua to the Adriatic Riviera). These extra services now have a more precise identity, and gain the confidence of clients.

APAM today is a much better perceived company by the citizens of Mantua and the company is in constant communications with the local institutions and citizens to produce services that are closer to the community needs. Also, the employees are more pro-active and motivated to create interesting services for the community.


To find out more about this case study please contact Alessandro Confalonieri at Intersezioni.

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