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Pointr: Helping young people access employment & education quicker in Cardiff

PDR, The International Centre for Design & Research in Cardiff set out to design a new service that reduced the confusion that young people experienced and made finding employment education quicker. There are more than one million young people unemployed in the UK, each costing the government an estimated £153 per week. As well as […]

geel case study

Centralising social services in Geel

Background In Geel social services were previously delivered by two organisations; The Centre for Social Welfare and the City Hall. These departments would often work in isolation from one another, causing confusion for citizens. Budget constraints have also affected how departments in Geel provide services, resulting in a clear need for them to provide ‘more […]


Redesigning the social inclusion scheme

Background In 2014 the number of people unemployed in France rose to 3,488,300. That means the number of people looking for a job has risen by 5.8% from 2013-2014 resulting in a significant increase in people claiming Revenu de Solidarité Active (RSA). RSA is a welfare benefit aimed at reducing the barrier to returning to […]

maasland huis

A co-designed service concept for elderly care in Maasmechelen

Maaslands Huis is the social housing agency of the village of Maasmechelen (Belgium). They see their target audience getting older. To cater to these elder tenants, Maaslands Huis wanted to extend their offering with care and other services. The question to be addressed was: “which services need to be present in a living environment, to […]


A digital enablement service for people with early stage dementia

Much has been achieved both nationally and locally for people with dementia and their carers. However, gaps remain and we need to plan for the future predicted increase across health, social care and the third sector. At the same time significant budget cuts are being made to social services in the uk and care budgets […]


Reducing carer fatigue in Sligo

The Background In Ireland, dementia affects over 41,700 citizens aged over 30. Most of these (around 26,104) live at home and are supported by an informal carer, typically a family member. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. It’s a terminal illness that develops slowly, causes memory, thinking and judgement impairment and may […]

partas case study

Embedding service design skills within Dublin’s youth services

Background Youth unemployment is one of the biggest social and economic challenges in Ireland. Between 2014 – 2015 levels of youth unemployment were as high as 25.9%. Long spells of unemployment can have serious long-term effects on individuals, including reduced earnings and social exclusion. Partas is a social enterprise based in Tallaght, South Dublin that […]


Sharing data and addressing hard to reach NEETs in Cardiff

Background  Young people identified as not in employment, education or training (NEETs) often have complex needs that need to be fully understood in order to get them on the road back to employment or education. To tackle this The City of Cardiff Council worked with service designers from PDR (International Centre for Design & Research) to develop […]