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Redesigning the social inclusion scheme

Background In 2014 the number of people unemployed in France rose to 3,488,300. That means the number of people looking for a job has risen by 5.8% from 2013-2014 resulting in a significant increase in people claiming Revenu de Solidarité Active (RSA). RSA is a welfare benefit aimed at reducing the barrier to returning to […]

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A co-designed service concept for elderly care in Maasmechelen

Maaslands Huis is the social housing agency of the village of Maasmechelen (Belgium). They see their target audience getting older. To cater to these elder tenants, Maaslands Huis wanted to extend their offering with care and other services. The question to be addressed was: “which services need to be present in a living environment, to […]


A digital enablement service for people with early stage dementia

Much has been achieved both nationally and locally for people with dementia and their carers. However, gaps remain and we need to plan for the future predicted increase across health, social care and the third sector. At the same time significant budget cuts are being made to social services in the uk and care budgets […]


Reducing carer fatigue in Sligo

The Background In Ireland, dementia affects over 41,700 citizens aged over 30. Most of these (around 26,104) live at home and are supported by an informal carer, typically a family member. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. It’s a terminal illness that develops slowly, causes memory, thinking and judgement impairment and may […]

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Engaging fathers through social innovation

Client: Social Innovation Lab for Kent (SILK) Design Agency: Engine Location: UK Engaging Fathers. Co-designing with dads services for family centre ‘Sure Start’  What was the problem? There is a growing recognition of the need to support fathers’ involvement in their children’s’ lives. Evidence is mounting to demonstrate the numerous long-term benefits this has for children. Seashells, a […]

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The development of a homelessness strategy at Haringey Council

50What was the problem? The London Borough of Haringey currently houses over 5,000 homeless households in high-cost temporary accommodation (mainly in the private rented sector). The council aimed to reduce this number by half in 2011. The London Borough of Haringey needed to find a way of helping homeless residents to understand their options, as […]

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Access to healthcare for older residents in Buckinghamshire

What was the problem? In recent years local authorities have been encouraged to embed a culture of engagement and community empowerment when developing services, with the view to achieve real service improvement and more economical delivery. This process of involving the community in decision-making at all levels is set to bring about a transformation in […]

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Southwark Council’s Rise platform

What was the problem? One of 33 boroughs in London, Southwark Council provides a multitude of services to over 250 000 residents. Southwark wanted a way to connect policy-making with the everyday lives of families in the borough, to ensure that they were as effective and sustainable as they could be, making a real difference […]

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ZuidZorg’s plan for independent living.

What was the problem?  ZuidZorg is one of the main providers of primary care and social services in the south of The Netherlands, providing care from newly born children to elderly people living in their own homes. Few elderly relish the prospect of moving to a retirement home, despite the wide range of care and […]