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HU square

A new meeting place for the University of Utrecht

HU-square. A new meeting place for Hogeschool Utrecht What was the problem? The Hogeschool Utrecht is one of the largest institutions for higher education in The Netherlands, and is after the University of Utrecht, the largest educational organisation in the area. For the moment, its 37,000 students and 90 departments are all located across the city. These […]

Service design Levenk thumbnail

Improving the situation for street prostitutes in Eindhoven

Levenskracht. Service Design for Street Prostitutes in Eindhoven  What was the problem? Between the years 2000 and 2009, the City of Eindhoven spent 500,000 euro of tax money per year for the so called Tippelzone, a legitimate area in Eindhoven where drug-addicted street prostitutes could ply their trade. The priority goal of this project was to find an […]


Putting children at the heart of a social design project

T+HUIS Oud Woensel. putting children at the heart of a social design project  What was the problem? The T+HUIS Oud Woensel project is an on-going project to support the development of children in the neighbourhood Oud Woensel in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The founders of T+HUIS, Dennis Meulenbroeks and Sara de Boer, lived in the neighbourhood and […]


Service design for the hospital hospitality of the Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht

What was the problem? The Universitair Medisch Centrum (University Medical Center) of Utrecht wants to improve its services and hospitality for its patients. Except the medical treatment itself, also the environment and the experiences of visitors of the hospital itself have an influence on the effectivity of the healing process. That’s one of the reasons […]

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ZuidZorg’s plan for independent living.

What was the problem?  ZuidZorg is one of the main providers of primary care and social services in the south of The Netherlands, providing care from newly born children to elderly people living in their own homes. Few elderly relish the prospect of moving to a retirement home, despite the wide range of care and […]