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Getting people over 50 back to work in Cornwall

Works 50+: Getting people over 50 back to work in Cornwall What was the problem? Currently in the Cornwall Region, over 29.000 of those eligible to work are unemployed. Of them, 40% are over 50, and most are likely not to find work again. By 2017, approximately 34,4% of the workforce will be over 50. What […]

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The development of a homelessness strategy at Haringey Council

50What was the problem? The London Borough of Haringey currently houses over 5,000 homeless households in high-cost temporary accommodation (mainly in the private rented sector). The council aimed to reduce this number by half in 2011. The London Borough of Haringey needed to find a way of helping homeless residents to understand their options, as […]

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Access to healthcare for older residents in Buckinghamshire

What was the problem? In recent years local authorities have been encouraged to embed a culture of engagement and community empowerment when developing services, with the view to achieve real service improvement and more economical delivery. This process of involving the community in decision-making at all levels is set to bring about a transformation in […]

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Southwark Council’s Rise platform

What was the problem? One of 33 boroughs in London, Southwark Council provides a multitude of services to over 250 000 residents. Southwark wanted a way to connect policy-making with the everyday lives of families in the borough, to ensure that they were as effective and sustainable as they could be, making a real difference […]