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Pointr: Helping young people access employment & education quicker in Cardiff

PDR, The International Centre for Design & Research in Cardiff set out to design a new service that reduced the confusion that young people experienced and made finding employment education quicker. There are more than one million young people unemployed in the UK, each costing the government an estimated £153 per week. As well as […]

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Making health insurance easily accessible online

What was the problem? Forty million Americans will become newly eligible for health coverage when the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is fully implemented in 2014. Some will be enrolling in health insurance for the first time, while others will experience changes that provide increased access to affordable health coverage. In anticipation of […]


A digital enablement service for people with early stage dementia

Much has been achieved both nationally and locally for people with dementia and their carers. However, gaps remain and we need to plan for the future predicted increase across health, social care and the third sector. At the same time significant budget cuts are being made to social services in the uk and care budgets […]