Cardiff Council

Cardiff is the capital of Wales and the focal point for devolved Government and decision-making. The city’s population is 346,100 but it is at the heart of a city-region of 1.4 million people. The County Council of the City and County of Cardiff (Cardiff Council) was established in 1995, but came into formal operation on 1 April 1996 following local government reorganisation in Wales. Cardiff Council is the largest local authority and largest employer in Wales.

During the recent periods of recession young people’s chances of employment have been badly affected although the problem in Wales is smaller than in other pats of Europe such as Spain. We currently have 859 young people in Cardiff not engaged in education, employment or training between the ages of 16-18 and a further 2,930 between the ages of 19 and 24. These figures represent around 12% of these parts of the population. The city administration in Cardiff has set us the ambitious target of getting all these young people engaged and back into education, training or employment. If our attempts to improve the services available to young people are going to be successful then we must use the young people themselves to co-design them and make sure they are fit for purpose.

We will be working with Design Wales, schools, FE colleges, the Youth Service, Careers Wales, Voluntary sector organisations and employers in order to design progression routes, interventions and services that will support disengaged young people towards employment.

We will be running workshops for key participants, including a range of young people, to identify the key issues about which they are concerned. This will then be followed by sessions that will generate ideas for the improvement of services. These will be evaluated and the best suggestions will then be developed into a working model. These in turn will be trialled with young people and further evaluated until a range of recommended improvements can be put forward. All these events will be fully collaborative including young people working alongside adults as well as in their own groups. We will have some new work developed to a prototype stage which young people will be asked to consider, evaluate and recommend further improvements and developments. There will be a common thread running through all these activities which is related to employability skills, how young people can improve these and reduce the distance they are from the labour market.

SPIDER Projects
Cardiff City Council will undertake two projects through SPIDER, around the following challenges;

Youth_2Driving an active youth workforce

In March 2013 Cardiff City Council will start a 10-month service design project with Cardiff Metropolitan University (PDR) that aims to increase opportunities for young people in Cardiff. The project will take a co-design approach to the development of new services that will simplify routes into employment, education and training.

Through this project Design Wales will work with schools, training providers and businesses to design a new service for school leavers.


Ageing_2Extending independent living for older people


To find out more about these projects please contact Amanda Morgan by emailing: