Bringing new policy techniques to Government

Andrea Siodmok the Deputy Director of Policy lab spoke at our conference about the work Policy Lab are doing around design-led innovation in the public services.

Design for policy

“Design is a lot more like reform and policy than many of us imagine. It is about conceiving ideas of a better future, and then finding ways to make them happen.”

“What I like about design and designers is that they are always optimistic but constantly dissatisfied. Why can we not make the world better? That sense of optimism and that can-do culture is something that I think the public sector is in great need of.”

“Better is unproven. If you are in new territory, if you’re innovative, if you’re developing things that have never been done before there is no quantitative measure.”

You get creative when you take a zero from your budget…

“Austerity is important. It’s important for sustainability. It’s about being much better and doing significantly more for less.”

“Design is about purposeful creativity.”

“You can do a huge amount in re-organising services in a way that unlocks value for both for end users and also savings for institutions and organisations.”

“It doesn’t have to cost more, it has to do more.”

Policy Lab

“Policy Lab is a creative space where policy makers get to try out new tools and techniques and approaches to their policy problems.”

“The ambition is to be open by default. So that our processes of policy making are more open to others.”

“This is driven by three things design, digital and data.”

“The result we hope is that policy makers are more equipped with the skills and knowledge so that they are able to develop policy in a more open, creative and user centred way.”

You can download a copy of Andreas’s slides. You can also watch the videos of all the speakers from the SPIDER conference over on our SPIDER conference VIMEO group.

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