The Northern & Western Regional Assembly

The Northern & Western Regional Assembly is a regional authority based in Ireland and established in 1999 to manage European Structural Funds (NUTS II level). The Region is comprised of 13 counties representing 47% of the landmass of Ireland, 27% of the population and produces 19% of total national GDP. The Regional Assembly acts as the Managing Authority for the BMW Regional Operational Programmes 2000-06 and 2007-13, monitors the general economic and social impact of all EU programmes and Irish exchequer-funded programmes in Region, ensures that national policies take regional issues into account by actively fulfilling a strong policy advocacy function and promotes the coordination of the provision of public services in the Assembly�������s Region.

The Assembly has been actively involved in numerous Interreg Territorial Co-Operation Programmes since its establishment both at a strategic and management level over the programme lifespan. In addition to the SPIDER project, the Assembly is also involved in another design orientated programme, as a partner to the SEE Project. This project is focused upon engaging with national and regional governments to integrate design into innovation policies and innovation programmes. SEE has recognised that Service Design for the public service is a ‘best practice’ for realising innovation in the public service across Europe.

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SPIDER Projects
The Northern & Western Regional Assembly will undertake the following project through SPIDER;


Ageing_2Extending Independent Living for Older People
The Northern & Western Regional Assembly will be focusing on a project which will examine the Design of New Alzheimer’s Services for Extending Independent Living for Older People in the Region. By undertaking this project the Assembly aims to evaluate the current provision of public services within the area of Alzheimer’s diagnosis and treatment, through a service design focus. More specifically it will develop and test new approaches to service design for patients with Alzheimer’s disease. The ultimate aim is to facilitate self management, improve service provision and the quality of life to Alzheimer patients, while at the same time reducing the financial burden to the State.

This project will be led through the knowledge and experience in the delivery of service design solutions, by the Centre for Design Innovation (Sligo Institute of Technology). The project will develop and implement a service design methodology for the promotion of a human centred approach and help map this to independent living for older people. The project will be developed and implemented with key regional stakeholder who will form a Project Steering Committee to oversee and drive the project. In addition to the Northern & Western Regional Assembly and the Centre for Design Innovation, Sligo the Steering Committee will include the HSE (Health Service Executive), the North-West Region of the Alzheimers Society of Ireland, the Research and Education Foundation of Sligo General Hospital, De Exeter House (Respite Care Home) and GENIO Centre (a centre for independent living).

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