A pilot study on the Dementia Enablement Service will take place next year

PDR are currently looking to hear from service users and carers who might be interested in participating in the pilot study next year.

Planning tools for family members

The dementia enablement service: Planning tools for family members

The pilot for the Dementia Enablement Service will begin in January 2016 and will test a prototype version of the mobile app with 16 people in Cardiff and 16 in the Vale of Glamorgan. In each location they will be working with a core group of eight participants who have early-stage dementia, and one of their family members or close friends. They will also be making a limited version of the app available to any users and carers who express interest.

They hope to show that the app, along with an accompanying toolkit for enablement planning, can provide concrete social and financial benefits to people with early-stage dementia, their immediate and extended care networks, and public health and social services. They will also be gathering feedback from the pilot users, and collecting data on how participants use the app, in order to tweak the service before making it available to the wider public. They hope to use the data to develop enablement plan templates and identify frequently-asked questions in order to make the service easier for future users to work with.

Finally, they will be using the app data and user feedback collected during the study to learn more about how care networks emerge and evolve around people with dementia, and how mobile technology can be applied to managing chronic illnesses. For the core group who will be using the full service, they are inviting people who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease with mild cognitive impairment, who are interested in technology, and who have a family member or close friend who is also willing to participate in the study.

They would also like to get feedback from users with a variety of cognitive difficulties, and are inviting anyone who has had a memory assessment to trial a limited version of the service. The study will take place from January 2016 to March 2016. Over this time, they will ask all participants to take part in four short interviews so that they can learn about how they are using the service and how they can improve it. They will also ask everyone to uses the app to complete a short survey about the service once the study has ended.

If you are interested in participating in the pilot, or would like to learn more about the Dementia Enablement Service, you can contact Alex Haagaard, the Dementia Enablement Service Pilot Research Manager, at ahaagaard@pdronline.co.uk

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